Sustainability, Inclusivity and Social Value

We want to protect the planet and meet the Paris Agreement of limiting global average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. We will achieve this by:

  1. Net Zero Carbon by 2030 across our value chain
    • We will cut the carbon emissions created by our business, by our suppliers and by using the most efficient and sustainable technology products.
    • We will plant trees to absorb what emissions we can’t cut.
    • We will use 100% renewable energy.
  1. Carbon Neutral by 2025
    • We will reduce our scope 1 and 2 emissions and become carbon neutral by 2025.
  1. Reducing Our Environmental Impact
    • Working with our suppliers to design sustainability into our products and packaging at the concept stage.
    • We use products that are made from responsibly sourced materials. 
    • Continuing to purchase electricity from renewable sources
    • Net zero emissions by offsetting our remaining emissions from our operations and our business travel
    • Use zero emission vehicles in our fleet and install telematics across the fleet as we grow
    • Green IT policy across the business 
    • Increase the use of video conferencing to minimise business travel 
    • Reduce waste at source


  1. Our people
    • We have an inclusive culture and we are making VE a great workplace for everyone. From recruitment to working day-to-day, we’re passionate about treating everyone fairly and with respect. 
  1. Our suppliers
    • We are committed to working with suppliers who have a shared understanding of human rights, environmental, social and governance principles that are at the heart of our business.

Social Value

Social Value is important to us. We embed social value in our work where possible. 

We want to make a positive impact in the communities where our people live and work. We will do this through Staff Volunteering Days, offering our people to partner with good causes.

As we grow, we will use the National Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) framework to measure the social value and agree the outcomes for clients and communities.