About us

Virtus Energy is focused on accelerating a sustainable future with zero emission technologies.

Our Purpose

Our business is committed to reducing the impacts of climate change and  reaching the 2050 net zero goal. At this point, the 2050 date seems far away, but our opportunity to minimise the impacts of global warming is now. Decarbonising  transport, homes and buildings will support the green economy by creating new  business opportunities, jobs and growth. 

We are a technology neutral company and advocates of zero emission solutions. The transition from a high reliance on fossil fuels to zero emission technologies will take time and requires innovation within the energy, transport and infrastructure sectors. 

We prioritise products and services that promote electrification and hydrogen whilst also recognising the significant opportunity for other technologies, such as high blend biofuels,  to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the interim. 

Our focus is on developing partnerships with zero emission distribution technology innovators to distribute products and services to public and private sector clients. 

EV Charging Installation

Our current service offering is aimed at electric vehicle (EV) users. We are working with producers of electric vehicle charging points, EV sockets and pedestals to provide clients with a one-stop EV charging solution offer that includes installation, a smart charging management app, guidance and helpline, everything but the car. 

Our mission is to expand our partnerships with car leasing companies and zero-emission distribution technology innovators to distribute electric vehicle charging products and services to individuals, businesses and public sector clients.

We have a talented team of motivated individuals with a passion for sustainable solutions.

Founded in 2019, we are a privately-owned business with a personal touch.