The electric vehicle (EV) charger installation process

Once your installation date is confirmed, here’s what to expect on the day.

Once your installation date is confirmed, here’s what to expect on the day.


How it will be installed


Your home charge unit will be installed by one of our expert installers. 

They are very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced; Virtus Energy has partnered with Kelly Group, a leading electrical equipment installer as our nationwide installation company. 

  • Each installation is unique, but a standard install usually takes around three to four hours. 
  • We will need access to your property with a responsible person over 18 years old.
  • All of our units have smart technology, and if you live in an area where your mobile phone signal is weak, please ensure your Wi-Fi password is ready and accessible so we can connect our units to your home Wi-Fi to unlock the smart features for you. 

What comes as standard in your installation?


Our standard installation package includes the following: 

  • The fitting of the EV charger on a brick or plaster wall, or to another suitable permanent structure.
  • Up to 15 meters of 6mm power cable, run and neatly clipped direct to the wall between the distribution board or electricity supply meter and the charger. 
  • Routing of the cable through a drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm (20 inches) thick, where needed. 
  • The fitting and testing of electrical connections and protections required for the Charge Point.
  • Up to five meters of white plastic conduit to conceal interior wiring.
  • The installation of one earth electrode in the vicinity of the Charge Point.
  • To be carried out by one installer in compliance with BS 7671:2018 and IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation 3rd Edition. 
  • It also assumes that correct electrical connections and protections are available on the property and that no civil works, electrical remedial works or any other trades are required. 

Some conditions and limitations you need to know about 


  • The EV charger must be located in your designated off-street parking area and be fixed at a height where it can’t be hit by a vehicle.
  • We can’t, as part of the standard package, trench the cable underground or suspend it above ground – if something like this is required please contact us so that we can give you a quote in advance.
  • We can’t run a cable under floorboards or through ducting/ceiling voids/wall voids without a draw cord (to pull the cable through), or if the floorboards have not been lifted. We can’t take responsibility for reinstating flooring or other building materials wall voids after the cable has been laid. 

Also note: 

  • Our Installers are not able to work in crawl spaces, on roofs or in lofts if it is deemed unsafe by them.
  • Our Installers are not able to work in extreme weather (i.e. flooding or intense rain). If it is not safe to carry on, our Installers will do as much as they can, and we will return at a later date. 

Desktop Survey


We will request some images of your property so that we can assess if it meets the above criteria, our team will talk you through the requirements in more detail.


Our installers


All of our installers have a wealth of knowledge, qualifications and experience.

Trained to the latest 18th edition regulations, our installers understand the electric vehicle industry and electric vehicle charging; enabling them to assist you with most questions on the day of the installation. 

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